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Adele agar is a mixed media artist who lives and works in Northumberland. She paints with acrylic, fabric, flowers , feathers and thread onto canvas, board, wood and furniture. She also creates unique jewellery pieces and textiles.

'At it's imperfect best the crash of our idealising spirit presses our visionary hopes deep into ordinary life like seeds into a moist earth. We find our grounding and inspirations within the complexities of our ordinary lives.'
Thomas Moore from the Soul's Religion

Inspired by mythology, sacred art, buddhist godesses, christian saints and mystics, Adele combines her love for folklore and religious imagery with her curiosity regarding the unremarkable, commom-place items that make up the surface of out daily life.

Teapots, fishing boats, vegetables and kitchen utensils find their place amongst angels, flying women, foxes and deer.

She attempts to paint the world of spirit a s a nurturing and protective force and describes through her work the domestic as sacred.

She says 'I know that by patiently witnessing the ordinary, the ordinary is transformed, I am drawn to the imperfect, the over-looked and i wish to convey the mundane as a portal to the extraordinary. I want to capture those spaces where the neglected and the divine meet.'

As well as working as a full-time artist, adele is also passionate about encouraging a deep and rewarding experience of the creative process in the lives of others.

She holds weekly art workshops for all ages and levels of experience in her home studio for current programme see workshops

Adele is qualified with a
B.A in Fine Arts from Nottingham Trent University in 1999
City & Guilds level 4 certificate in teaching Adult Learners 2007

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